The Hutcheson Court has some key core values that we firmly believe in.

  • MORALLY RIGHT – We desire to have the court present a positive light to others, providing encouragement and compassion, while doing that which is morally right at all times.
  • FAIR & RESPECTFUL – We strive for the proceedings of the court to constantly demonstrate fair, respectful treatment of all whom approach the bench.
  • EFFICIENT CUSTOMER SERVICE – For the court to provide friendly customer service in the most efficient way possible while exhibiting an attitude of graciousness, recognizing the court only exists to serve at the pleasure of the citizens.
  • IN GOD WE TRUST – For the Court to consistently represent our Christian values in all actions and proceedings as these values are predominately shared throughout our community. We desire to live up to our country’s motto, In God We Trust.
  • BUILDING ON A STRONG FOUNDATION – The court should be a pillar of strength and a steadfast reflection of who we are as a community. We aspire to, seek to improve, and build on its strong foundation, while never neglecting or compromising our principles, even when the politically correct notions seek to force change on society.